Estate Litigation

We will make sure that your claim on an estate is fair and ensured.

Our Estate Litigation Services In Sydney

When a deceased person has an estate that is meant to be administered to another party, sometimes there may be complications such as disputes or unfair circumstances.

This is where we come in as we will be able to make sure that your rights to the assets remain intact and that the transition of the estate runs into no issues.

Our professionals have dealt with such issues in the past and will make sure to run you through the process to make sure you get what you are entitled to.

How Does Estate Litigation Work?

If there appears to be unfair circumstances when it comes to the Will of a deceased person and difficulties arise, Estate Litigation is a way to contest such problems.

This can either be a Will that was made during a time when the person making it may not have been well and it doesn’t turn out the way it should or if issues arise related to probate.

Our professionals will be able to get on the case for you and set you up to contest any unfair circumstances to solve certain issues.

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What Happens If There Are Disputes

When a dispute arises, there will be multiple facts that need to be revealed, checked, or proven to provide you with a claim to what you are entitled.

This is also a way for you to make sure that the Will left behind was not tainted during or after it was created to ensure you get what was meant to be yours.

Once all of the facts are in order and our professionals determine what can be done, they will handle the process for you and find a way to solve any issues that exist.

What You Will Experience

Tailored legal solutions to meet your specific needs.

Clear and transparent communication throughout the process.

Achieve your desired outcomes with our personalised service.

Personalised attention and support every step of the way.

We always have your best interests at heart.

Why Choose Our Lawyers for Estate Litigation?

At Vinden Lawyers, we understand how trouble it can be when dealing with estate affairs and our lawyers want to make sure you get what was meant to be yours.

We will make sure that even the tiniest detail can be used to strengthen your claim and will provide you with everything you need to do so.

Rest assured that our professionals will be with you 100% of the way until the matter is resolved and you are satisfied with the outcome.

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We can have a confidential, no-obligation chat about your circumstances, goals and needs and talk about your options.